About Me

Originally Interested in music since the age of 17 years, my father introduced me to the music of 70’s Rock such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc, but finally I decided to learn to play the guitar at high school grade. Ive learned many chords, scales, licks by covering many song. Officially, I was never formally trained at music school. Ive learned it all autodidact or by doing jamming with other musician. Since ive moved to Jakarta (early 2010), ive decided to focusing on Metal Music. After played almost all genre of music, i felt in love with this genre. The music, the attitude, the crowd, the hood its all amazed me. But, until now, im doing other musical projects too which is ‘non metal music’ such as Jazz, Reggae, Pop etc. Well, in other words, for myself music was universal so ive learned almost all of the genres. But for the band, ive choosed playing Thrash Metal with Divine, Jakarta’s Thrash Metal band. Ive got great passion at music, specially playing guitar. Well said, Music was good..

Writer, Reviewer, Musician

– I’ve been played those strings on :
• X-Skalibur (Ska, 1998 RIP)
• Rockets (Hard Rock, 2001 RIP)
• Imperial/Smupa (Progressive Rock, 2002 sign out)
• B3rtiga (Jazz, 2009 RIP)
• Gravity (Accoustic, 2008-2009 RIP)
• Against (Thrash Metal, 2002-2003, 2009-present)
• Sacrefixx (Death Metal, 2009 sign out)
• Divine (Thrash Metal, 2010-present)http://www.facebook.com/groups/32255161695/ | http://www.facebook.com/DIVINEthrash?ref=ts&__adt=33 | http://www.myspace.com/southdivineband/music
• Thrash Metal United/Mad-X (Thrash Metal’s Cover, 2011-present)
• Supersucks (Industrial Metal, 2011-present)
• Freelance/Add. Musician (depend on)

– Work as Copywriter at Virtual Consulting |www.virtual.co.id

Endorsed by 7efu shoes & Envil cloth. |http://www.7efu.blogspot.com/


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